Malham Smithy Blacksmiths

Take up your place at the anvil and try your hand at being a blacksmith with Malham Smithy!

They’ll be demonstrating traditional blacksmithing techniques, working on a coke forge powered by air bellows. Watch the metal being heated up to 1400°, glowing white hot and the blacksmith striking on the anvil, forging the metal into shape using techniques such as drawing down, punching, twisting and bending – all by hammer and hand.

Visitors will also get the opportunity to have hands-on experience at the anvil, taking part in short one-on-one sessions, striking hot metal to form basic shapes.

Please note – Blacksmithing can be dangerous, so for safety reasons restrictions apply to this activity. Malham Smithy reserve the right to refuse participation of people where they consider the behaviour of participants causes unnecessary risk to visitors and staff, or where clothing is deemed unsafe to wear by a forge. Age and height will also be taken into consideration; this activity is not suitable for young children. We do not discriminate against disabilities, people will be considered on an individual basis, however safety will be the priority consideration. Wheelchairs would not be permitted near the forge.

Find out more:

Twitter: @MalhamSmithy

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