Important news

In 2009, Life Science Centre brought Maker Faire to the UK and has hosted the country’s flagship event ever since. Over that time, the popularity of making activities in the UK has sky-rocketed.

Life is proud to have been pioneers in this growing Maker movement, but we feel the time is right to make a change and to bid a fond farewell to Maker Faire UK. Lovers of all things making needn’t fear, as we’re opening a new space in Life Science Centre dedicated to crafting, tinkering and creativity in the spring of 2019.

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We would like to thank all of the Makers and visitors who participated in Maker Faire UK over the years – its success is down to you!

Many momentous events are marked with a gun salute, fireworks or a trumpet – but this is the end of the road for Maker Faire UK at Life Science Centre, so we say pop a Mentos mint into the Diet Coke and let’s go out with a splash!